CNA Expert Groups

MACC has worked in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program (PDE MEP) over the past three years to conduct its data-driven, federally mandated Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA), a process that was completed in the fall of 2007. MACC then assisted PDE’s MEP to use the CNA findings to develop a detailed Service Delivery Plan. The Service Delivery Plan (SDP) guides Pennsylvania’s local and regional programs for migrant services over the next three to five years and enables the state to monitor the efficacy of program improvement efforts. After the SDP was completed, there were a few CNA objectives that had to be revisited to ensure implementation and evaluation based on research.  To that end, we convened two expert groups:

School Readiness
The School Readiness Expert Group focused on providing guidance to programs serving Pre-K children. Their objectives were to identify and define 1) What elements constitute a good quality preschool program (site-based and home-based); 2) Research and evidence-based “best practices” in school readiness; 3) Effective training models and resources for Hispanic parents with limited literacy; and 4) Ways to measure progress/success in these three areas.

Supplemental Data-Informed Reading Instruction 
The Supplemental Reading Expert Group was tasked with providing guidance on best practices in supplementary reading instruction. Their objectives are to identify and define:
1) Student assessments/surveys used to determine academic needs of migrant students;
2) Research and evidence-based “best practices” in supplementary reading instruction;
3) Effective PD and resources that promote MEP staff knowledge and capacity; and
4) Ways to measure progress/success in these three areas.  

The products of the CNA Expert Groups are available under the Resources tab for use of the Pennsylvania Migrant Education staff.