Pennsylvania Department of Education Migrant Education Program Receives 2011 Excellence in Summer Learning Award
The National Summer Learning Association named five outstanding summer learning programs for 2011. The winners are New York based programs, Fiver Children's Foundation and Global Kids, Inc.; Cambridge, Mass. based Phillips Brooks House Association Summer Urban Program (SUP); Pennsylvania Department of Education Migrant Education Program; and Project Exploration of Chicago.

The award recognizes exemplary programs that provide low-income students with high-quality summer learning experiences as measured by the Association's Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs.

The Pennsylvania Migrant Education Program serves about 2,800 children of migratory farm workers every summer. These students face obstacles such as poverty, high mobility, cultural adjustment and limited access to healthcare. The Erie, PA, site focuses on STEAM (science, technology, math, and engineering, plus A for art) learning with a maritime theme. Older students get experience sailing on catamarans, sailboats and row boats; and use the same radar simulation equipment as the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Program Purpose
The division of Migrant Education assists local school districts in improving and coordinating the educational community for the children of the nation’s farm workers who have had their schooling interrupted. The emphasis of the federal legislation is helping migratory children to meet the same high standards expected of all children by coordinating and supporting services that help their progress in school. 

Migrant Education offers:

  • Strong student support.
  • Family-centered educational approach.
  • Interagency/interstate coordination.
  • Coordination with growers and agricultural industries.
  • State administered, locally operated.
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